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English Staffordshire

This section features some wonderful Staffordshire pottery that I have personally hand-picked straight from England. This is the very finest collection you'll find anywhere. I guarantee it.

It is becoming very difficult to locate genuine, high-quality pieces even in England. It takes a great deal of time and hard looking, believe me. You will find lesser quality (reproductions and significantly repaired) pieces out there, but they just don't measure up to my standards and you will never see them displayed here. This is just a sampling of items that are or have been in my collection. Contact me to find out what I currently have available.

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Mini SpanielsMini Spaniels Pair of Mini Staffordshire Spaniels, circa 1860. 2.75" high, red feather painted with ochre collars.
Children and SpanielsChildren and Spaniels Pair of Mini Staffordshire Children on Spaniels, circa 1860. Dull mercurial gold line to base, good creamy glaze, paint in very good condition. 2.75" high by 2.75" wide.
CatsCats Pair of Staffordshire Cats on cobalt cushions, circa 1860. Excellent sponge painted bodies, dull mercurial gold line to bases. 4" high.
PoodlesPoodles Pair of Staffordshire Poodles and Pups, circa 1840. Reclining on pink cushions with dull gold decoration. 3" high by 3" wide, small hairline to base of left facing.
Red SpanielsRed Spaniels Pair of Red and White Staffordshire Spaniels, circa 1860. 10" high, dull mercurial gold collars and chains. Gilt in excellent condition. Minor paint losses to ear of right facing spaniel.
Red SpanielsRed Spaniels Pair of Red and White Spaniels, circa 1860. Nicely modelled with pink muzzles and old gold collars.
White SpanielsWhite Spaniels Pair of Staffordshire White Spaniels, circa 1860. 10" high with dull mercurial decoration, collars and chains. Exceptional modelling and condition of gilt.
Blue Willow Plates Pair of rare Blue Willow transferware plates with basketweave borders, circa 1800. "Rogers" impressed mark. 7" diameter. Small flake on 1 plate (left) as shown.
PlatterPlatter Blue Transferware Platter, circa 1780. Impressed "Rogers" mark. Very good condition. 16.5" wide by 13" high. Some minor crazing in the white field above monument as well as on reverse. No chips or hairlines.
CowsCows A large pair of Cow Spill Vases with nursing calves. Gilt decoration. 11.25" high, circa 1870.
Well molded pair of Seated Whippets on cobalt bases. 5.25" high, circa 1850.
SpanielsSpaniels An early pair of recumbent Spaniel Quillholders. They are seated on cushions with arched bases. A rare find !!! 4.5" high, circa 1840.
Young DavidYoung David Thomas Parr figure modelled in the round of "David and Lamb". Circa 1850, very good condition. 7.5" tall, no chips, cracks, repairs or restorations.
MusiciansMusicians Charming Musician group with animals and bocage. Circa 1840, very good condition. 8.5" tall, no chips, cracks, repairs or restorations.
Vegetable SellersVegetable Sellers
Pair of Vegetable Sellers well modelled in the round, circa 1850. Vibrant and pleasing colors. A wonderful rare and charming pair. 14.5" tall. Minor repair on back of woman's skirt, as shown in picture.
Recumbent Greyhound Recumbent Greyhound. Beautiful color and modelling. Circa 1880, 4.5" long.
Recumbent Greyhound Recumbent Greyhound. Beautiful color and modelling. Circa 1880, 6.5" long.
Seated Greyhound Seated Greyhound with hare. Wonderful colors and modelling. Circa 1860, 6.5" high.
Girl with Rabbits Charming and well colored group of Girl with Rabbits. Circa 1880, good condition, 4.75" high.
Cows with Maid and BoyCows with Maid and Boy Outstanding pair of cows with milkmaid and boy. Very well painted and modelled. Circa 1860, 7.5" high.
Bobbly Coated Sheep Very hard to find pair of bobbly-coated sheep with spills. Circa 1860, very good coloring and condition, 5.5" high.
Child on Goat Extremely well painted, colored and modelled child on goat. Circa 1860, perfect condition, 5.25" high.
Princess Royal Princess Royal seated on goat. Well colored and modelled, circa 1860, 6.25" high. Perfect condition.
Robert Burns & Highland Mary A well colored and modelled group depicting Robert Burns and Highland Mary. Circa 1850, perfect condition, 7" high.
Royal Children A well colored and modelled pair of children on goats. Most likely Princess Royal and Prince of Wales. Circa 1850, perfect condition, 6.25" high.
Staffordshire early near pair of deer with bocages, circa 1820. The doe is from the Salt Factory and the stag is Walton. They make a charming couple just the same! 4" high, 3.5" wide.
Forresters Staffordshire mid 19th century Forrester Queen's Guards with deer. Excellent color and condition. A great piece. 9.5" high.
Royal Princess Staffordshire large reclining goat with Royal Princess and parrot, circa 1850. This piece makes a nice companion to the Royal Prince. 10.5" high, 6" wide.
Royal Princess Staffordshire Royal Princess on goat. Exceptional modelling. A great small piece, circa 1850.
5.25" high, 3" wide.
Royal Prince Staffordshire large goat with Royal Prince and sheep, circa 1850. Well modelled and colored, great condition.
9.25" high, 6.25" wide.
ParrotParrot Circa 1850 Staffordshire parrot quill-holder. Well colored, perfect condition. Birds are increasingly rare and this one is a superb figure.
5.25" high.
SheepSheep Early 19th century Staffordshire ewe spill vase, probably from the Parr factory. Charming face and bobbly coat! Perfect condition.
5.5" high.
ShepherdessShepherdess Staffordshire shepherdess and sheep, circa 1845. Lovely color and detail. 5.5" high.
Bird and Eggs Children with Bird and Eggs in hatnest with spill vase. Well painted. Excellent condition. 9" high, circa 1860.
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Maid and Swans Delightful Maid spill with Swans. Charming details! 7.25" high, circa 1860.
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Child Adorable Staffordshire "Child asleep on drum with parrot on his shoulder and spaniel". Circa 1870, 7.5" high.
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Willow Platter Beautiful Staffordshire blue and white transferware platter. Unmarked Chinoiserie pattern from the Romantic period, circa 1845. Excellent condition.
12.5" wide, 16.5" long.
Transferware Plate Blue and White Transferware Plate, 10.5" diameter, circa 1830.

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